How to invest in Philippine Stock Market using BpiTrade?

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How to invest in Philippine Stock Market using BPITrade has never been this easy.

Here are the step-by-step guide on how to invest in Philippine Stock Market using BPITrade.

  1. Open a savings account at any BPI bank branch.
  2. Enroll your savings account at BPI bank website at for you to have an online access to your bank account where you can transfer funds and pay your bills online.
  3. Once you have a BPI savings account and enrolled it at, go to BPITrade website at to open a new trading account.
  4. If you're done with the online application, print the form and sign it.
  5. Forward your signed documents to any BPI Branch for them to send the documents at BPITrade headquarters or main office.
  6. Tell the BPI Bank branch customer service that you're opening a new trading account for stocks and not for UITF.
  7. If the customer service don't know what you're talking about, proceed to the bank manager for you to save time.
  8. Wait for 21 days to get your trading account approved.
  9. Once you have your account approved, login to and add initial funds for you to test or experience the buy and sell of stocks at


  • Opening a new trading account will not cost you a single peso.
  • You're using real money once you're doing the Buy and sell of stocks at BPITrade website.