How to play StocksPH Virtual Trading Game?

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Newbie Traders or Investors playing StocksPH Virtual Trading Game is a bit overwhelming.

I decided to create this guide for you guys to understand the game on how it works.

This will be your starting point on how the stock market works virtually before you jump into the real stock market.

  1. To play the game, please visit

    The image below will show up if it is your first time and will guide you on how to open an account.

    Click the "Open a Savings Account" button for you to proceed to the new page.

2. On this page, it will congratulate you for having a virtual savings account and will guide you on how to open your Trading Account in the real world.
     Check the image below. After reading the guide, click the " Open a Trading Account Now" for you to proceed to the next page.

3. This page will congratulate you for opening a Savings and Trading Account.  Now you're ready to start trading. Click the "Start Trading Now" button for you to proceed to the next page to read the trading guidelines.

4. You have to read the trading game guidelines to have a better understanding of how the virtual game works. Click the "Start Trading Now" button to proceed to Account Balance Page.

5. This is a bit overwhelming for first-time trader/investor to understand the account balance page but I will explain the best I can for you to understand.
         Buying Power: This is the initial money or capital you can use to buy stocks.
         Portfolio Market Value: This is the total market amount value of your stocks that you haven't sold yet.
         Portfolio Net Profit/Loss: This is the net profit/loss amount value of your portfolio.
         Portfolio Net Profit/Loss percentage: This is the percentage net of your profit/loss of your portfolio.
         Sold Total Profit/Loss: This is the total amount value of the stocks you sold since the beginning of your trades.
         Sold Total Profit/Loss Percentage: This is the percentage value of the stocks you sold since the beginning of your trades.
         Check the image below.

6. If you're in the "New Order" page, this page where you can buy and sell of stocks. For a full list of stocks symbol can be found at
      Trans: This is where you can choose what transaction you want to do. Either buy or sell
       Stock: Stock symbol you want to enter
       Qty: Quantity or number of shares you want to buy / sell.
       Price: Current price of the stock symbol you wan to buy/sell.
       Value: This is the sum or result of Price multiply by Quantity
       Fees: Total fees to pay to be collected by PSE or SCCP
       Total: Sum or result of Value plus Fees
       Buying Power: Is you available cash to be use to buy.

7.  To view your portfolio page, go here
       This page shows what stocks you're currently holding on.

8. To view the Rankings page, go here
     Check the image below for better understanding.

Now you have bit understanding on how the virtual trading game works and you can also use this guideline in joining the competitions at

Note: Using StocksPH Virtual Trading Game and joining to competitions are all FREE to use.

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