Increase Adsense CTR

by Mark Aspiras - ( 10 comments )

I've been testing several ad position to increase adsense CTR for the last 4 years and there's one ad position that stand out and I also noticed that google made a video of it. When I put that ad on what the video recommended, I noticed that my CTR has gone up about 80% of it and so with my revenue. I never thought that it was far better to put your ad at the right area than at the top. Anyway, I placed 3 ad locations for better CTR but the ad on the right is highly recommended. It should be at the very top on your right column. 

Watch the video and see the effect. After confirming it, you next focus should be user acquisition(posting on social network like fb groups, pages), user engagement, site performance and security.

  • Gaurav Kumar Avatar
    Gaurav Kumar  

    I have tried many things and found that it is not easy to boost Adsense CTR. It is a good idea to publish ads at the maximum viewable area of the site. thanks for sharing.

  • Nicole Anderson Avatar
    Nicole Anderson  

    Even though I do not have Adsense adverts on my website, I still found this post quite interesting. It makes sense to have vertical banners which stay on the screen longer.

  • Jeenu Gopinath Avatar
    Jeenu Gopinath  

    Good to know information. I will gain more clarity once I start using Adsense. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Ania Ewelina Avatar
    Ania Ewelina  

    Good to know, I'm not at a point where I have ads on my blog yet but now I know where to position them when I start. Thanks

  • Katie Kinsley Avatar
    Katie Kinsley  

    I have Google ads on my blog, but they are not the money feature. I use affiliate links in some of my posts and that seems to be where I garner the most money.

  • Michelle Diamante Avatar
    Michelle Diamante  

    I have ads positioned in my sidebar, but I haven't yet seen a boost in revenue. Anyway, my site's two months old so it's still early to tell.

  • Alison Rost Avatar
    Alison Rost  

    This is such great information! For now, I haven't gone down that route with my blog, but may in the future. If I do, I've bookmarked the Google video. I know it will come in very handy! x

  • Hal Yusuf Avatar
    Hal Yusuf  

    i won't lie i don't even pay attention to google adsense and don't even use it - i find it not worth the trouble but its a good tip for those who need it

  • David Elliott Avatar
    David Elliott  

    Thanks for the interesting information here. I would believe that having ads at the top of the page is important but I wouldn't' have thought upper right or even upper left. Knowing that even that is particular is interesting information.

  • Jennifer R. Luna Avatar
    Jennifer R. Luna  

    I don't think I've ever really thought of increasing Adsense CTR. I usually don't rely on good adsense as I tend to go other affiliate programs but definitely worth looking into.