Tournament Guidelines

StocksPH - Beat Spyfrat Game 4

Tournament name: Beat Spyfrat Game 5

Event date: start on November 7 and will end on December 9, 2016

Rewards: 3D2N Stay in Baguio(not convertible to cash), Bookaka's Spyfrat 12 months subscription + 2,000 pesos

Baguio Accommodation will be in North Cambridge Condominium

Location: Online

Tournament Rules

This event will closely followed by StocksPH, Spyfrat and anonymous friends.

  1. All Stocks
  2. Beat Spyfrat
  3. The champion should have more than 1 percent gain and 300 trades(sell transactions)
  4. Any attempt to cheat or hack will be automatically disqualified
  5. Only 1 winner (top 1 at leaderboard)
  6. Tie breaker will be the first to get the % gain will be the winner. Will check on trade time.
  7. Ranking is based on percent gained from your trade(sold shares) not on your portfolio. You should sell your stocks during the last day of the game to have more cash.
  8. Real names should be used on StocksPH website(you can edit your name at the settings page). You can still change your real name back to nickname/alias after the end of the contest duration (60 days).
  9. Order History, Cash history and Portfolio can be viewed at trader's page for transparency purposes.
  10. If the website has been hacked, we will start over again.
  11. 18 y/o and above only.

The Winner will send a valid(sss, prc, gsis, drivers license, passport) photocopy id for us to verify.

System Limitation

  • No order cancellation
  • All Stocks
  • Trade anytime
  • No Stock Split

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