Stock Market Terms


the prices at which the sellers want to sell a particular stock, arranged in ascending order

the price at which you bought the market plus the commission fees

buying a stock for a lower price than your average cost

provides an overview of revenues, expenses and net income

when a particular stock market or stock is downtrend


the prices at which the buyers want to buy a particular stock, arranged in descending order

stocks of the biggest companies in the country

the standardized minimum and multiple number of shares to be traded for a particular stock, depends per price range

the value of the stock in the company's books, total equity divided by number of shares

a break below the support level

a break above the resistance level

firms who execute the buy and sell orders and get commission fees for every transaction

when a particular stock market or stock is uptrend

a type of order when the investor wants to buy stocks

the available money an investor has in his account for buying stocks

dividends declared through cash

contains the summary of a stock's prices within a certain period

the final trading price of the day

the type of stock that is least prioritized when declaring dividends, mostly profit from price appreciation

realizing your loss by selling the stock to save you from a bigger loss